Troupe Mayyadah's

1st Invitational June Biker Ride

June 18-19-20

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Destination - (click HERE for) Johnny McNally's Fairview Lodge, about 15 miles north of Kernville.

See Map below -

Plan is currently to ride to Santa Margarita, out 58 to Bakersfield, 178 to Lake Isabella then up to the Lodge above Kernville.

Then return Sunday, 155 back over the hill to Bakersfield then down to Taft 33 to 166 to Santa Maria, 101 back to your home. There are many other options for side roads that we can talk about on the trip.

Another option for Sunday is down the hill from McNally's toward Califonia Hot Springs to 65 then down to Bakersfield.

The only freeway mileage would be on the 101 to get to and from start and end points from your home . . . . . . We will be able to take a pleasent ride each way staying off the freeways, with butt stops and picture taking about every hour or so.

As of this writing all the motel rooms and trailers for rent at McNally's are taken, there is a Fairview National Forest Campground next to the lodge. Also a very nice steakhouse, Mmmmm, BEEF !!! There are many other places in Kernville to stay also.

I have been over all of these roads at one time or another and they are all good roads with nice varied scenery -


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Round Trip = approx. 380 miles with both legs of the trip about the same 190 miles.
It is approx. 4 hours each way, so we can make stops about every hour.

So far it is looking like Roger/Chelle, Jamie/Dana, Tom/Eileen, Victor & Lightening are going on the trip. Possibly Riko as she has a new bike ready to ride, I am awaiting a final confirmation from her. We all have rooms at McNally's reserved except for Jamie/Dana, they are staying about 6 miles up the road.

It seems to be the collective opinion so far that we ride the route on the map above but in the order C to B to A.


If you have any ideas or questions, email them to me and I will post them up here for consideration by the group ....